NM040: memory of a free festival - een narrominded compilatie

NM040: memory of a free festival – een narrominded compilatie

format: digital
released: september 7 2009

1.katadreuffe -ddtd
2.spoelstra – niemand om te tutoyeren
3.mats gustafsson – sleeping instructions (excerpt)
4.makazoruki – show girl
5.hunter complex – kerosine
6.living ornaments – rampetampen
7.fine china superbone – untitled
8.coen oscar polack – ghorkaland manifestation/generator
9.fff – sky saw
10.puin + hoop – the senses and how they work
11.poor white – language is your enemy
12.garçon taupe – cocaïne raket
13.psychon – morriconeisland (gonzo version)
14.kettel – why aren’t we talking
15.hydrus – lamar
16.legowelt – madeira osprey
17.cor fuhler – draaimolen
18.gone bald – bella’s lullaby
19.boutros bubba – chew
20.accelera deck – landfall tusk


This compilation was released as a free download with the magazine Gonzo (circus). Detailed information on the tracklisting you can find in editon #93 of Gonzo (circus), out September 7 2009.

press downloads
hi-res image of cover
high resolution image of gonzo circus

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