NM080: spoelstra – west side story winner of ten academy awards

format: cd / digital
release: april 28 2019

1.prologue – jet song – something’s coming
2.dance at the gym: blues – promenade – mambo – pas de deux – jump
3.maria – america
4.tonight – officer krupke – i feel pretty
5.one hand, one heart – quintet – the rumble
6.somewhere – cool
7.a boy like that – i have a love – finale


Gross misrepresentations of all songs of the musical West Side Story as performed in seven chapters

Spoelstra has been known to tackle gargantuan projects. On his resumé you will find a cd about the almighty internet, a cassette about the mysterious world of pallets and a vinyl record about everything you need to know about sports and finance. And now there is West Side Story Winner of Ten Academy Awards, an album on which Spoelstra has confronted all songs of West Side Story against all better judgment. West Side Story Winner of Ten Academy Awards is filled by hysterical prog events, discordant guitar alarms, polyrhythmic pile-ups, untrue country and fluffy drones.

West Side Story Winner of Ten Academy Awards is the third instalment in the Retro Retry series. For the first chapter, ten Dutch noise rock bands gave their best version of Evol by Sonic Youth. The second instalment was Another Another Green World by a lineup of electronic musicians from the Netherlands.

West Side Story Winner of Ten Academy Awards is available as a limited edition cd, with typical retina-melting artwork by Spoelstra himself, and digitally via all (streaming) platforms.


Spoelstra calls his music ‘extreme songwriting’. Far fetched mutations of noise rock, math, avant garde, electro and country. What Spoelstra makes live on the spot, as one man using a guitar, a synthesizer, samplers and effects, is radical in many ways and certainly a menace for the average dancefloor.

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