NM015: petrified host - as when lighted

NM015: petrified host – as when lighted

format: cd-r / digital
released: april 13 2005

1.the church on the left
4.not welcome
5.king rabbit
6.go now, slow down
7.look into my basement
10.it’s night
11.lepisma saccharina
12.polar light
13.who needs water
14.the night of the scorpions
16.high courage comes before the fall
17.as when lighted

petrified host

Petrfied Host is Gabry (vocals, guitar, drums) and Lars (vocals, bass, keys). Both members have a rich past in the music business. They started working together early nineties in a band named Gloat, one of the many bands influenced by Nirvana and the lo-fi movement. Basic songs were recorded on 4-track, but eventually nothing happened with the material. Lars continued his solo career and made two albums (Moral Sewer, 1997 and Waving with Newtons, 2001); Gabry founded the noise-rock band SGP, who released a 7″ on Narrominded in 2001, and later the math-rock projects Morbide Eenheid, Quarles van Ufford and Boutros Bubba. In 2002 they began to write songs together again. They usually came together in the weekends and, with a couple of beers, wrote two or three songs per night and made up a bandname for the occassion. The songs were immediately recorded to 4-track. After a while the material began to pile up. In 2004 they recorded a selection of tracks with some classics from the early days in the Boeton Studio in Amsterdam. The result is a stunning mix of catchy pop and riff driven rock songs.

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vital weekly
june 8 2005
by boban ristevski

Even when I’m not the greatest fan of guitar/rock music, it’s quite enjoyable listening this music by pH. released by the quite open-minded label Narrominded from The Netherlands. pH. are Gabry on vocals, guitars and drums, and Lars on vocals, keys and bass, and they play a kind of, let’s say, punk-rock music. Very short tracks of 1 to 2 minutes, lyrics like: “I will always sleep right next to you, go on tell the band I’m through with them.” This music reminded me a little of Frank Black. It’s great when someone makes you enjoy music you usually don’t listen, and this band has done that for me.

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de subjectivisten – caleidoscoop
june 4 2005
by jan willem broek

Dat je de naam van het Haarlemse label Narrominded ironisch moet interpreteren is bekend en te zien aan de brede smaak in de catalogus. Ook de bands zelf houden van een open kijk op de muziek. Petrified Host is een nieuwe aanwinst. Hoewel nieuw? Lars Meijer (zang, keyboards, bas) vormt de helft van het label en heeft al gespeeld in de projecten Larz, Psychon (Troopers), Gloat en Living Ornaments. Het andere bandlid Gabry (zang, gitaar, drums) heeft al gespeeld in SGP en Morbide Eenheid. Niet zo vreemd dat de cd As When Lighted meteen zo goed klinkt voor een “debutant”. Ze maken een combinatie van postrock, emocore en pop. Lekkere riffs gecombineerd met stevig drumwerk en pakkende zang. Ergens tussen de opgewektheid van de Foo Fighters en het zwartgallige van Chokebore zit Pretified Host comfortabel leuke liedjes te maken. En of dat nog niet genoeg is kan je de muziek in z’n totaal downloaden! Dat maakt het wellicht nóg leuker.

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