NM001: psychon troopers - animals rise

NM001: psychon troopers – animals rise

format: cd-r / digital
released: march 17 2001

1.on the southern hemisphere
2.mosquitos and mudmen
5.animals rise
6.psychon mist
7.le new morning, june 14
8.my rabbit moonee
9.breaking the dust away (waving in the monsterminds)

This cd was recorded on March 14 1999. These are the first recordings Psychon Troopers made, just two months after they decided to play together. They started out with over two hours of crude material. Track 4, Blatoverosj, was taken from the Atomic Museum sessions, because it mingled better with the scruffy sound of the Animals Rise recordings. Three four-tracks were used as a mixing desk and the output was recorded live on mini-disc. The photograph that was used for the front cover of Animals Rise was taken by Sander Meijer.

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hi-res image of cover

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