NM079: glice | coen oscar polack - dear body

NM079: glice | coen oscar polack – dear body

format: tape (limited to 55 copies) / digital
release: march 1 2019

1.shoot the messenger
2.dear body


Dear Body is the second collaborative release between Glice and Coen Oscar Polack. This cassette/download album presents two improvised clashes between the layered noise of Glice and the richly ambient-concrète of Coen Oscar Polack. Two years ago, their collaboration started with Race to the Bottom and a series of live performances.

In recent years, the cinematic noise of Glice, with its great sense of texture and drama, has opened many ears to a genre that is often perceived as difficult or inaccessible. That makes Glice a perfect match for the work of Coen Oscar Polack, which navigates an unstable balance between electronic textures and field recordings. This release is a captivating document of the collaboration between three original voices in the Dutch electronic underground.

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