NM017a: living ornaments - kattenkwaad

NM017a: living ornaments – kattenkwaad

format: digital
released: december 15 2004


This track was originally released on the Skam Cats compilation in December 2004.

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october 13 2009
by skadha

More jazz later… Now, let’s get back to the rhythms and melodies… Or maybe this is jazz too?!… Actually, as I’m listening to this double compilation now, it sounds a lot like some kind of jazz to me… Surprisingly refreshing collection of melodic, rhythmic, idm, downtempo tunes… It starts with a great track by Living Ornaments and after that it kinda slows down, with tracks in a somewhat downtempo manner, even ambient… Some of the artists on this cool compilation are known from the label Ego Twister, like: Amnesie, [Guyom] and Lady Atone… Some tracks are really cute, like the track by Greenkingdom on the first cd; such a cute name, Greenkingdom… Of course, we know Mira Calix from Warp Records… And I’m not familiar with the rest of the artists, who are contributing some really nice songs and who are: Obsession 27, Celar Curve, Rolex2$, Scossa, Mr. Mips, Rivas Gonzales, E.stonji, Automatofonic, Ed Macfarlane, Rusuden, Spinkle Stein, Yard, Ascalaphe and Scrubber Fox… I must say that I got much more from this compilation than what I expected, specially since all of that idm-sound is pretty much worn out, but having that in mind, this compilation sounds surprisingly refreshing… I already used that expression, I’m repeating myself… No proper cover for this release, I got it from Narrominded, the label which is run by Living Ornaments (who, btw, have a new album, which sounds really great, I’ll post it later), so you can see their handwritting on the cds; the writting with black marker is by some of them and the blue marker is me; for those who like all of these details… All of this sounds pretty much jazzy to me, going in all of these details about the releases, sooo jaazzzz…

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december 29 2004
by sam

Living Ornaments make another appearance on Tesselate after the “Klonten” release on Scarcelight, with their addition to the compilation, entitled “Kattenkwaad”. This one is a warped cascade whirlwind of midnight cats, sitting on the fence at the back of the garden squawking away like a big fluffy marshmallow parrot. Luckily, his screeching loosens shards of wood from his lofty perch, which falls to the ground to create a clicky drumbeat that awakens a whole load of smily faced characters from the compost pile below, who join in with the melee and sing a super smooth happy melody that silences mr feline above. A parallax journey into a hidden world, love it.

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