NM009a: psychon troopers - psychon mist

NM009a: psychon troopers – psychon mist

format: digital
released: june 2 2007

1.identifying botanic pictures
3.brazilian goldmining
4.behold my flushroom!
5.the smokefree inc.
6.that I have known the dead
7.genetic number sequence
8.five is no collar for an engineer
10.portrait of a study
13.last minute osmosis
14.wembley, are you with me?
15.the day of the triffids

The first eight tracks were originally released as Fompas, a split tape with Peep on Morc Records on July 2 2001. Psychon Troopers were named Psychon Mist for that release, because on each of the songs there’s one member of Psychon Troopers missing. This re-release contains the bonus track Hautmesse-bhf, which was originally released in 2002 on the compilation cd Why is Anything Forbidden? – A Tribute to No Limit Records on Deathbomb Arc. The remaining bonus tracks are outtakes from various Psychon Troopers sessions. The track PTSGP is a collaboration between SGP and Psychon Troopers.



Psychon Mist do instrumental music where post-rock meets neo-classical meets experimental electronica. The titles are usually quirky ones like Behold My Flushroom! and Five is No Collar for an Engineer. Mostly a bit too experimental for me, but I do like Peep, whose music is usually on the darker side of lo-fi pop. There’s also Popsong which, despite the title, is more folk than pop. A good band, I’d like to hear more from them.

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