NM003: psychon troopers - the building playground

NM003: psychon troopers – the building playground

format: cd-r / digital
released: may 12 2000

1.machines of a concrete minority
2.ban your deeds from the summit
3.nulle part ailleurs, may 5
4.to the lasting obsolete
5.a large eerie wel-lit building
6.dripping solid
7.snuff music

The Building Playground was recorded on 10 and 11 July 1999. This cd introduces more instruments to the sound of Psychon Troopers, like a Roland Juno-60 synthesizer. Snuff Music features SGP-singer Gabry de Waay. He also plays bass on the opening track. The band recorded over four hours of material for this release.

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press release (dutch)


october 13 2000
by gert verbeek

On their first three cd’s Psychon Troopers have been looking for the ideal sound. They improvise in long jams and edit their sessions with a mini-disc to digestible proportions. Their third, spheric cd could be a soundtrack to a seventies-film by Werner Herzog. The recordingtechnique is simple, call it lo-fi fusion, especially when the basis is a kind of ‘fakefunk’. Fortunately the bass and drums give, in the very long tracks, a lot of space to the keys, the sounds (fireworks, the singing from Close Encounters, voicesamples) and the particular instrumentation (musicboxes, religious singing). At such moments, this spacy Netherkrautrock can be very pleasant.

november 18 2000
by peter bruyn

Fine music. Especially the songs where guitar/bass are mixed with electronics sound good and remind me of the album ‘Anna’ by Reuber (on Staubgold). Some criticism: the cd is just a little bit too long to hold the tension. Some editing will not be a bad idea for a commercial release.

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