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Out Now! Pallets by Spoelstra

Narrominded is proud to present the latest product of Spoelstra, our favourite master of all things weird: Pallets, a cassette featuring six lengthy new tracks hidden inside a 200-page graphic novel about… well, pallets.

After releasing a wonky lathe-cut plastic disc about issues with nationality, a cd full of laserbeam-damaged anthems about the internet and a Christmas single, Spoelstra takes his art to the next level. He will present his new pièce de resisitance at Amsterdam’s Winston this Saturday April 16 with help from Redtheplaneeet!!! and Sleep Gunner. Be. There.

Pallets is available as a book + tape (including a free mp3 + flac download) in the Narrominded webshop (10 EUR, excl. shipping) and digitally through Bandcamp (6 EUR, incl. PDF of the book). Preview it here:

This is what Pallets looks like:

nm054 spoelstra pallets product 284x300 Out Now! Pallets by Spoelstra