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Spoelstra, Minny Pops, Rats On Rafts @ Roodkapje, Rotterdam – December 3 2011


incendiary magazine
december 5 2011
by richard foster

How to beat that? Well, despite playing to a rapidly emptying room (due mainly to people anxious about getting trains); Spoelstra gives a performance of wit and bravura, drawing from his great LP The Almighty Internet,  as well as snatches from his EP and recent cassette release (a work which is encased in a strange book about his obsession with pallets). Those who hung around were smitten with both his music – a heady mix of glitchcore and bastardised alt.country – and his showmanship. This is a gregarious man who grins through his gigs, and expects you to as well; and he has a happy knack of making his act (which is really just a great deal of delay pedal pressing) look a lot of fun. Maybe it’s his silly crab-like walk which breaks out every time he uses his guitar. Whatever, what’s left of the crowd gives him a great and deserved reception.

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Boutros Bubba summer news flash

boutros mcbubba 300x265 Boutros Bubba summer news flashThe Scottish Predestination Records recently released vol. 3 in their Premeditation series. It contains mostly excellent Scottish bands such as Super Adventure Club – playing the Exit in Rotterdam on October 28 - and Hey Enemy who will perform at the Patronaat Cafe with Spoelstra on October 1, but you will also find some other great European bands such as Adebisi Shank and Marvin. Boutros Bubba was proud to contribute their song Chew to this compilation which you can order here for only 3 pounds.
More good news: next week Boutros Bubba will be spending a weekend in Ireland. Starting on July 29 they will play three shows in Dublin, Cork and Oldcastle with great bands such as Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Grey Mayhem, Fringilia Montifringilia and many more.
Two weeks after returning from Ireland Boutros Bubba will start recording their follow up to National Anthems which will be released somewhere in 2011. Good Times!