Dark Entries interviews Gone Bald + review update

nm055 gone bald waiting it out 100x100 Dark Entries interviews Gone Bald + review updateDark Entries published an in-depth interview with Gone Bald. They talk about the 16 year history of the band, baldness, underground music, the line-up changes, being a duo, improvisation and their favorite records. Read it all here.

The latest Gone Bald album Waiting It Out also got some great new reviews. Built on a Weak Spot says that ‘Waiting it Out it shows that Gone Bald are still overflowing with ideas, even if the presentation hasn’t necessarily budged.’ Perte et Fracas says ‘Waiting It Out is the best album of Gone Bald.’ Festivalinfo rates the album 3,5 out of 5. ‘The guitarwork is razorsharp and the drums are raw and aggressive.’ The track Christmas Song got a mention on the website Stubby’s House of Christmas: ‘For two people, they sure make a lot of noise.’

nm046 puin+hoop door 100x100 Dark Entries interviews Gone Bald + review updateDoor by Puin + Hoop was pronounced Album of the Moment by Written in Music: ‘One of the most memorable Dutch albums of the year.’ Den Helder Actueel compares Puin + Hoop to early Pink Floyd and krautrock bands like Faust. ‘A remarkable audio trip.’ Vital Weekly says De Objectieve Lach, Puin + Hoop’s collaboration with Herman Wilken and Coen Oscar Polack, ‘is not as strong as Door, but then this is undoubtedly more a work of improvisation.’

nm042 fine china superbone make machine 100x100 Dark Entries interviews Gone Bald + review updateThe Fine China Superbone album Make-Machine got 3 out 5 stars from the Belgian zine Kwadratuur: ‘It sounds like four conservatory educated artrockers took speed and started experimenting.’

The track Flutheelal by het Het Fukking Licht from their sold out album Kutplaneet was included in the mix Secret Chords & Apparitions by Peter Van Cooten from ambientblog.net. Listen to it on Fluid Radio.

nm051 kruno jost gijs borstlap quasi quasi 100x100 Dark Entries interviews Gone Bald + review updateQuasi Quasi by Kruno Jošt | Gijs Borstlap got 4 out of 5 stars from Chain D.L.K.: ‘If you are looking for guitar improvisation that doesn’t quite cross the line into straight noise, this would be up your alley.’

Spoelstra turned the house upside down at the Onderboek in Nijmegen earlier this month. Go here for a live review by 3voor12.

various artists christmas cover up1 100x100 Dark Entries interviews Gone Bald + review updateFor all the press on Christmas Cover Up, the compilation including exclusive tracks by Hunter Complex and Spoelstra, go here.

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