Bye bye Boutros Bubba!

boutros bubba 100x100 Bye bye Boutros Bubba!Boutros Bubba have decided to call it quits. After releasing an EP, a 7″, two albums (National Anthems in 2009 and Ridiculous Wrists in 2011) and playing shows in Belgium, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and of course The Netherlands, the band will play its 100th show on October 27 at the Vondelbunker in Amsterdam. This will be their last show. The last opportunities to witness Boutros Bubba live are:

September / October, The Hague ( TBA)
Sunday 16 September @ Incubate Festival, V39, Tilburg
Saturday 20 October @ Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam (with Makazoruki, My Vanity Project)
Saturday 27 October @ Vondelbunker, Amsterdam (full line-up TBA)

Hope to see you there!

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