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Narrominded is a Dutch record label. Since 2000 we release vinyl, cd’s and mp3’s by rock bands like Boutros Bubba, Katadreuffe, Makazoruki and Gone Bald, and electronic and electro-acoustic music by artists like Hunter Complex, Spoelstra, Coen Oscar Polack, Psychon and Living Ornaments. In 2009 we released the fourth installment of the Narrominded Split LP Series, with Garçon Taupe and Legowelt. We also released Retro Retry 2: Another Another Green World, a remake of Brian Eno’s classic album from 1975 by 14 Dutch electronic acts, a.o. Rude 66, FFF and This Is Total War. Expected in 2010: new records by Fine China Superbone, Hydrus, Puin + Hoop and many more. Various releases by Narrominded are available via distributors like Clone, Rush Hour, Decks, Norman Records, Worm and Ear-Rational and digital a.o. via iTunes and Spotify.

Unfold on Narrominded:
‘They’re not the biggest name in the world, or even in the Netherlands, but their steady stream of noise, ambience, crackles and crunch over the past decade has been a breath of fresh air for musicians and those looking to hear something a bit more interesting and/or challenging. The result has been the birth of an open-minded music community, not attempting to find fame or even make a fortune from music; just to create music that does things a bit differently.’

To contact us, send an email to music (at) narrominded (dot) com.

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